KB Surfshapes

The most important feature of Custom technology is that we can tailor our surfboard completely to our own taste, surfing style and physiological properties. In addition to choosing the most suitable shape for us, it is also essential to put together the most suitable construction to achieve the desired goal. Last but not least, we can compile the graphics of our own board, making it completely unique.


Design is one of the most important parts of surfboard making. We design our surfboards with the help of CAD software, which allows you to make a completely new shape or even the slightest change to an existing design! In addition, the creation of 3D and hydrodynamic models that further assist in the practical appearance and operation of a given shape.




The EPS core of each board is preshaped with a CNC milling machine, and then the "fine-tuning" is done by hand, thus obtaining its 100% dimensionally accurate shape. It can only be built on the perfect foam in all respects, it is essential to achieve the desired quality and performance!




For the construction of the surfboard, all selected foams, fabrics, resins are of Hi-Tech quality, but at least as important in achieving the desired quality that these materials are installed in the right place and in the right amount in the board. The fittings used, such as carbon finboxes and mastboxes, as well as metric footstrap inserts, are individually made to achieve durability and the lowest possible weight.




Depending on the use of materials, several constructions are available, which affect the behavior of the board during use in different ways, so you can choose the most optimal one for your own needs.


During the construction process, everything is made by hand, thus creating additional value for the final product. Due to the Custom construction technology (the deck and bottom laminates overlap on the rails of the board, providing greater compressive and tensile strength) it is much more durable and resistant than any mass-produced board. We guarantee up to 2 years for our boards!

Performance, quality, durability – crafted by hand, made with heart!