If you’re ordering a custom surfboard for the first time, or have even bought one several times, it’s always a special feeling. Of course, everyone may have doubts about whether to make a really good decision.

Our goal is to provide everyone through the website with enough information about the types and relevant properties of the boards we offer to dispel any doubts before making a purchase. The most important thing is that every customer gets the board he or she has dreamed of!

If you need more information and help in addition to the content of the website, feel free to contact us by e-mail or any of our contact details!


We make unique, personalized surfboards and there is no mass production, so you have to pay part of the price in advance to start production. Because boards are expensive items, we prefer to pay by bank transfer. Once you have paid and confirmed that we have received the money, production of the board will begin.


Once the board is finished, we carefully pack it and send it to the required address. The cost is usually 70-90 EUR in mainlad EU. For other locations, we will send you an exact quote.


2-years guarantee against failure of materials or workmanship (delamination, softening of the hull, inserts, fin and mast boxes), and 2-years guarantee against breakage.